Posted in Uncategorized by expatatlarge on July 15, 2011


Can you link your Google+ to your phone calls to your Facebook to your Google Chat to your location to your Twitter to your Myspace to your email accounts to your txts and mmms to your ICQ to your cloud(s) to your AdultFriendFinder to your YouTube to your homework to your World of Warcraft to your Second Life to how often you get a BJ in the 4FoWs to your Flickr and Picasa to your Kindle to your web-cam to your forum to your office network to your Wiki to your blog to your iPod to your Linked-In to your Skype to your Government to the guy who knocks on your door at 4am and asks you to come with him for a little “chat”??

Or is that automatic?



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  1. Tim Footman said, on July 17, 2011 at 12:07 am

    At least the guy who knocks on the door can be told to fuck off.

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