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Tinariwen – Tenere taqqim tossam (Four Tet remix) by Four Tet


Never heard of them until 20 mins ago. Reminds me of some of the beats in Michael Danna’s soundtrack to Exotica.



Where Are The Strong?

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And who are the trusted?*

— lots of relevant words about the chaos and crimes in North Africa at the moment.

I am sure can you can fill in the spaces for yourself as anything I could say would only come out as cliches and blandishments… Key point is this – I just hope my friends and colleagues in Libya (and Egypt, haven’t heard back from them for a while) are safe and well and positive.

And I sincerely wish that something strong and trustworthy comes out of all this bloody killing each other stuff.

What IS so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?


* IMHO – some of the most profound and heart-stopping lyrics/questions posed in rock and roll history. Always have and always will give me a chill. Nick Lowe, awesome!

Elvis In The Building

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Firstly, caught up with Madame Chiang, former blogger formerly from Manila. Good to see her again. A lovely lady. Not sure if any of my diligent and long-time readers remember her. Always on about cats.



Declan Macmanus, OK, Elvis Costello, was in town tonight, breaking the cherry on the Marina Bay Sands* Grand Theatre. And it was a one night stand as well! BOOM!

He IS so cute! In his signature horn-rim glasses (ever hear of contacts?), a white hat, grey suit, dark tie and a purple paisley shirt (IKYN)%, there’s this short guy playing rock, blues, torch songs… And there’s that cheeky slow motion pose he does during the applause, different and just as amusing after each song. He knows what works.

He had seven (7, count ’em) acoustic guitars on stage, all Gibsons. He only used five however, but he got a lot out of them: quite the kit he’s got up there… and even unplugged as he walked around singing an old blues (?name) with no mike. That was OK for me as I was front and centre, but I wonder if the acoustics of the new theatre were OK up in the cheap seats when he was unamplified.

Just like that only a LOT fewer people.

I know he’s a bit of an acquired taste, but I still think he’s completely brilliant, and live he is very much in control. No1 son and I saw him in Vancouver one night on a stop-over coming back from skiing at Whistler. A lot more torch songs then as North had just come out, but tonight he played all the classics (except maybe Shipbuilding, thankfully) and the crowd (the guy next to me anyway) seemed very happy.

It was a much smaller theatre in Vancouver and were up in the circle. There was no problem hearing him sing without a mike, then but he didn’t do that as much as tonight. In fact there was one song back then, when he just stepped away from the mike as the song was approaching its end, stepped back and stepped back, still singing full voice… It was a chilling thing to hear the character of his voice change as it’s source moved from the full gut-churning immersion you get with loudspeakers to the haunting hollowness of the auditorium’s acoustics alone. That was a defining moment when I knew this guy was the real money. What other rock singer but Elvis Costello would have the balls to do that?

Tonight he had the Singapore crowd on its feet (well, the guy next to me, and I), clapping hands and trading chorus lines on Pump It Up and, um, some others…

Speaking of money, great night out, $200 bucks well spent#, unlike last weekend in the 4FoWs…


* Yes, that is a ship on top of those three hotel towers. [shrugs] What?

% I kid you not.

# my ticket to Led Zeppelin in 1973 in Melbourne was $4.25 (with student discount)

Anyone else old enough to remember text-books that used characters instead of numbers for footnotes?

MOS 6581

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Here’s a completely different style of music, the last one for today: Carbon Based Lifeforms. [courtesy No1 Son]

Great ambient/trance music for walking with your head in the clouds or for sitting in a coffee shop with your head in a book or for trying to sleep with your face in a CPAP mask (which fell apart this morning).

I’m trying it on writing (with my head up my arse) next.


The basic riff kicks in around 0.57…


Les Yuex Noir

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Go Django!


I’ve been ripping my fingers to tatters just trying play the chords to Woodstock and then this guy comes along…



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Listen, listen.

One of the comments on YouTube:
“How did we end up with The Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears?????”

Hear, hear.


The Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young rock interpretation plowed through the original arrangement (not a bad thing necessarily – see Joe Cocker and “A Little Help From My Friends”) and is the one I remember from my childhood, though I did listen to Joni sing it a bit later of course. (She never went to Woodstock btw but got the gist of it from Graeme Nash). The above version from Fairport Convention guitarist Richard Thompson goes back to Mitchell’s hair-neck-raising original.

The hammer-on, pull-off style of his finger picking is so typical of the guitarists who played in the folk scene in England in the 60’s. c.f. Davy Graham, John Renbourn and Bert Jansch of Pentangle, John Martyn, etc… (and others of whom I can’t think this early on a Sunday morning.)


The Answer To The Mysteries

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Smells Like Rickrolling…

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Hat-tip to Chris Myrick, yet another blogger swallowed by Facebook, where I found his link to this.


Dunkeln Und Licht

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Further on the Darkness and Light motif in

Image of The White Tiger

— the often elipsed last verse of Mac The Knife


Denn die einen sind im Dunkeln
Und die andern sind im Licht
Und man siehet die im Lichte
Die im Dunkeln sieht man nicht

English translation:

There are some who are in darkness
And the others are in light
And you see the ones in brightness
Those in darkness drop from sight

(from Mystic Bourgeoisie)


On a related note, Danny Boyle’s new movie Slumdog Millionaire seems to want to put forward the rosy side of having to shit on the street along with 750 million others.


Attack Of The Killer Lounge Bands

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Aiyah, my ears!

Made the big mistake of trying to sit and read my book in the bar-lounge of the Sheraton here in Subang Jaya (satellite town of Kuala Lumpur) this evening after dinner. They had a band… Merve and The MagicTones have nothing on this crew.

Yoodermeeahebratheen! Dasweedersowdedakasi, orbey! Orbey!

Is there some special school where they go to learn to slur like that? To pitch it all up their sinuses? To change the vowels sounds around randomly so that “A” become “O”, “E” becomes “Aiyah!”. To drop the last syllable of every word?

The skinny, toneless, but cute-because-she-IS-skinny girl had nearly finished some song or other before I recognised it as “Complicated” – the song, not the arrangment. Eo cal’ ni’ ennirsto’ or wer’. I thought it was a Gaelic call to arms sung through an amplified pile of dirty laundry.

And hey, you, the muthafucka on the all-instruments-in-one “organ”! Turn the fucking volume volume down, the feedback is crystalizing the alcohol out of my brain!

I’m so outta here!


The book, by the way is The Other God – a history of dualism in ancient religions. You know, the Devil as an equal to God rather than merely a fallen angel, or as duelling twins, Demiurge and Absent God, Osiris and Seth, etc… It is a tad dry, like most non-fiction from 15 or so years ago, but still fascinating.

There is one myth that is was Jesus who got Eve pregnant and was the father of Cain! Another where God and the Devil were black ducks flying over the waters, diving into the depths to bring up sand and so create the dry land.

Amazingly deep learning is evident. I won’t remember a word once I close the last page I am sure, but it is really has me for the moment.


There is no anti-Catholic like an ex-Catholic, as they say. Or was that ‘smoker’?