The Bruce Bits, etc…

Posted in Bruce, old blog, writing by expatatlarge on April 5, 2012

I am currently trawling through my old blog (again), as well is this one, looking for bits and pieces I can cobble together – not necessarily into anything coherent or internally consistent – something about Bruce, and/or taxis, and/or the Mouse, and/or Kopi, and/or hotel breakfasts and toast…


There are maybe 700 posts and perhaps 250,000 words over there place (approaching 2 milllion hits btw) and with the 740 post here, god knows how many words.

There must be something I can do with it all (as people have been saying for years) rather burn my few remaining hours over something new that is not taking the shape I want it to.

I will need to redo a great deal of the earlier risqué E@L stuff retrospectively as Bruce stories, to give a semblance of character continuity.

Plot? Don’t make me laugh.

Watch this space. (If I don’t run out of steam…)


Do you think I should I should charge you guys for the effort I am taking to do this, as Dick Headley does, or let it run free amongst the wolves on the internet marketplace, as Mercer Machine does?


On Floyd

Posted in dead celebrities, food, old blog, Phuket by expatatlarge on September 16, 2009

Oh shit, I shout,
Floyd has died!
Pickled, no doubt,
Or stir and fried.

What a start!
This pommy cook
Was all heart.
He had what it took –

Wine in one hand,
The other a fish –
Had no plan –
Out came a dish

Fit for a king.
Cheeky as sauce,
Wit was his thing:
It was his main course.



When I get well, sigh, I must go back for a feed at Floyd’s Brasserie in Phuket. By twenty skillions of miles the best feed and service to be had in Patong Beach.


p.s. Was trying to find references to Floyd’s in my old blog, but couldn’t. However I have had an entirely pleasant 90 minutes reading through some of my old posts. Fuck, I used to be REALLY funny.

I should put some of them together sometime, somewhere. Sell it. Make money – everyone knows writers are rich.