Posted in blood pressure, Christopher Nolan, movies, porn, running late by expatatlarge on July 18, 2010

Hope I get some free time to write up some of the cool experiences (nothing much untoward) in Tokyo. Either before I forget or before I die of them. Ho ho.

If this post reads like a twitter, I’m sorry dudes. I’m back in Singapore for 24hrs, laundry is in the machine and off to see Inception now.

Due to a miscalculation (Sat -> Sun = 8 days! Who woulda thunk?) I ran out of blood-pressure tablets last night, so chances are that I will heart have a heart attack or stroke out during this one. Luckily I have a time-bomb on my ‘pewter that will wipe out all my porn should I not type in a code-word every 37 years.

Shit, gotta go.


Addendum: Inception was AWESOME – loved it. The best movie I’ve seen all day! Mind you, on the plane I’d only watched (for some masochistic reason) Zombieland, and the first three minutes of both the 1981 version and the 2010 version of The Crap Of The Titans. So…

No, seriously, it’s terrific. As my buddy said, Christopher Nolan doesn’t treat the audience like we’re all children or idiots.

OK, and so to bed. To sleep, perchance to dream… of spinning tops.